The Company was founded 25 years ago, with the purpose of processing and exporting dehydrated fruit and other fruit related products, such as golden and dark raisins, prunes, almonds, walnuts, dried apricots and peaches. 

Taking into consideration the acceptance of our products in the European, Latin American and Asian markets, our company has built a processing plant with the highest technology, thus being able to supply the most demanding markets.

Luis Thayer Ojeda 0115, Oficina 703, Providencia, Santiago, Chile ​              Phone: +56 2 2333 1015​

About Us

Mercofrut is located in Chimbarongo, in the heart of one of the main fruit producing areas in the country. 

With its privileged geographic position, guarded by natural barriers, the eternal snows of the Andes to the East, arid Deserts to the North, the Antarctic to the South and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean to the West, Chile is virtually a phytosanitary island.